Gain insights to the festival programme in discussions with experts


Films are inseparably connected to both the surrounding world and the tradition of filmmaking. Over the festival weekend, new perspectives to the films in the Helsinki Cine Aasia programme will be explored in discussions with experts.

The festival’s director guest Kamila Andini (born 1986) and a representative of the Women in Film and Television Finland Ulla Heikkilä will discuss films and film-making as well as Andini’s latest film, The Seen and Unseen (2017) which opens Helsinki Cine Aasia 2018. The Seen and Unseen was awarded the main award in the Generation KPlus category at the recent Berlinale.

Kamila Andini has studied sociology and in her films, she studies the diverse Indonesian identity. Her directorial debut, The Mirror Never Lies (Laut Bercermin, 2011) was a visually mesmerizing coming of age tale of a young girl who grew up without a father in a fishing community. Helsinki Cine Aasia’s this year’s opening film, the magical and poetic The Seen and Unseen, is Andini’s second feature length film. Andini’s father Garin Nugroho is one of the best known Indonesian film directors.

Politics are at centre stage in the discussion between Amnesty International’s Anu Tuukkanen and researcher Pekka Borg (Finnish-Philippine Society) following the screening of Dark Is the Night (2017). The drug war and President Duterte’s strong statements and measures have provoked an international outcry. But what is Duterte’s drug policy all about and what is its human cost?

Politics are also in the focus in the discussion with Dr. Andrew Logie who shines a light on the intriguing history of South Korea which is also the topic of A Taxi Driver, directed by Jang Hoon. South Korea’s road to becoming an industrialised democratic country was not without its obstacles. Researcher Victoria Peemot tells about the changes in the way of life of the Central Asian nomads following  the screening on Centaur (2017).  

In addition, Helsinki Cine Aasia producer and PhD student Leena Eerolainen tells stories and anecdotes from the adventures on Japanese islands. Shuichi Okita’s drama-comedy The Mohican Comes Home (2016) is shot at Seto Inland Sea.

Discussions are open to all!

Discussions Horses and Human in Inner Asia and The Road to South Korean Democracy and the conversation between Kamila Andini and Ulla Heikkilä are held in English. The rest are held in Finnish.