Walking Past the Future

Walking Past the Future

Li Ruijun, China/Hong Kong

路过未来, 2017, 129 min, K12

After working in Shenzhen for the past 20 years, the family of Yaoting (Yang Zishan) faces the consequences of the city’s incredible growth as their factories start moving jobs to even cheaper countries. Holding on to the dream Yaoting gets involved with some high risk endeavors while finding solace in an anonymous online relationship.

Jenni Peisa

Sun 18.3. 14:45 Korjaamo Kulmasali


Directed and written by: Li Ruijun. Producers: Lin Jin, Zhang Min. Direcot of photography: Wang Weihua. Lead cast: Yang Zishan, Yin Fang. Language: Mandarin, Gansu dialect. DCP. Distribution: Edko Films.