Silent Mist

Silent Mist

Zhang Miaoyan, China

沉雾, 2017, 101 min, K16

A heavy veil sets over a small historic town in Southern China when a sexual predator lurking in the shadows starts attacking women without warning. Inspired by true events, the film shows the victims as being left to cope the best way they can. Masterfully stylized, the grim portrayal reveals severely unpleasant things about the moral state of society and the human beings in it.

Jenni Peisa

Fri 16.3. 20:30 Korjaamo Kulmasali

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Directed by: Zhang Miaoyan. Written by: Rice Zhang, Wang Lianggui, Zhang Miaoyan, Quge. Producers: Zhang Miaoyan, Guillaume de Seille, Chunlan Hu. Director of photography: Zhang Miaoyan, Xu Zhiyong. Lead cast: Hu Chunlan, Zhao Zhuojun, Yang Xiaojiang, Wang Gufu. Language: Mandarin. DCP. Distribution: Pascale Ramonda.