Bamseom Pirates: Seoul Inferno

Bamseom Pirates: Seoul Inferno

Jung Yoong-suk, South Korea

밤섬해적단 서울불바다, 2017, 120 min, K12

Jung Yoon-suk’s film about a noisy post punk band Bamseom Pirates grows from a record of a music group to a statement on the society. And Bamseom Pirates indeed do deliver statements, with always an ironic view on both the country where they live and on themselves.

Eija Niskanen

Sat 17.3. 20:45 Korjaamo Kulmasali

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Directed, written and edited by: Jung Yoong-suk. Producer: Jo So-na/OPOT Pictures. Director of photography: Jung Yoon-suk, Heo Chuln-yeung, Jun Sang-jin. Lead cast: Kwon Yong-man, Jang Sung-gun, Park Jung-geun. Language: Korean. DCP. Distribution: M-Line.