When buying 5 or more tickets, it’s cheaper to buy a voucher first.

Screening Pass (5 tickets) 40€

Use and purchase of the screening pass:

Buy the screening pass from the web store (below) before you buy tickets for screenings. You’ll get the screening pass as a PDF file via email. The pass comes with an ID code for purchasing tickets online.

Redeem individual tickets with the screening pass:
1. Find the screening of your liking and click on the shopping cart icon.
2. Click on the text “Do you have a serial card? Click here to enter the ticket ID.”
3. Type in your screening pass ID code into the available field and press “Apply Code”.
4. Screening pass priced ticket becomes available. Choose the number of tickets you want to redeem.
5. Add the tickets into the shopping cart.
6. Repeat as necessary for other screenings (you won’t need to type in the ID code again. The web store will remember it for you).
7. Once you have all your tickets in the cart, please proceed to fill in your contact details. If you have unredeemed tickets in your cart you can pay for those in the usual way.

Please note that you can also purchase a screening pass from the Helsinki Cine Aasia ticket booth at Korjaamo or Orion.