The Seen and Unseen

The Seen and Unseen

Kamila Andini, Indonesia/Netherlands/Austria/Qatar

Sekala Niskala, 2017, 86 min, K7

According to the Balinese belief system twins Tantri and Tantra are seen as a symbolic whole, which is set off balance when the boy Tantra falls seriously ill. Set in beautiful dreamlike sceneries Tantri’s efforts to coax her brother back to life connect to meanings in nature and to traditional animalistic rituals. The child’s experience is innocent and spiritual journey powerful.

Jenni Peisa

Thu 15.3. 18:00 Korjaamo Elokuvasali (opening film)
Sat 17.3. 13:30 Korjaamo Elokuvasali + themed discussion

Kamila Andini (born 1986) will be visiting Helsinki Cine Aasia. Read more here >>


Directed and written by: Kamila Andini. Producers: Gita Fara, Kamila Andini. Director of photography: Anggi Frisca. Lead cast: Ni Kadek Thaly Titi Kasih. Language: Balinese, bahasa Indonesia. DCP. Distribution: Cercamon.