Helsinki Cine Aasia thank yous and acknowledgements


The only festival of contemporary Asian cinema in Finland, Helsinki Cine Aasia, drew to a close on Sunday. This year’s festival equalled its visitor record, drawing 1 800 film-goers in total. 23 films from 10 countries were shown at the four-day festival in a total of 34 screenings.

One of the most popular films at the festival was The Seen and Unseen (Sekala Niskala, 2017) by Kamila Andini who also visited the festival. Japanese films The Third Murder (Sandome no satsujin, 2017), The Mohican Comes Home (Mohican kokyo ni kaeru, 2016) and We Make Antiques! (Uso happyaku, 2018) were also film-goers’ favourites. A total of 20 films premiered in Finland at the festival.

Discussions during which the themes and the context of the films in the programme were explored were also popular. The topics of the discussions ranged from the changing Central Asian way of life to the human cost of the tough drug war in the Philippines.

The festival organisers would like to thank all the visitors, our partners and our volunteers who helped to make the festival happen. Helsinki Cine Aasia will take place again in March 2019.